Kung Fu Restaurant | Izakaya Ramen & Bar

We take inspiration from the traditional Japanese Izakaya bar - best described as a mix between a Bodega, Cocktail Bar & Restaurant. That's why we have everything your heart could desire - from delicious food to exquisite cocktails.

Our cuisine is ‘Western method’ meets Asian traditional dishes & ingredients. We got everything from our well-renowned Ramen, Taiwanese inspired Baos & much more!

Our Cocktailbar is jam-packed with Asian flavours, ingredients & creativity - we try to unite Western style bartending traditions with an Asian twist!

Like a traditional Izakaya Bar, our tables are close to each other, so whether you wanna party with your friends or the other guests, there's plenty of opportunity for that!

We're located very close the Nørrebro Teater & Empire Bio - therefore there's always the option to start or end your evening at Kung Fu | Restaurant & Bar.

We look forward to seeing you!


The Kung Fu Team

Contact us

Phone: +45 40 63 69 76 / 28 68 82 85
Events, Catering, Jobs, Food Truck & more: info@kungfubar.dk
General Inquiries: info@kungfubar.dk

Søndag, Tirsday, Onsday & Torsdag fra 16:30 

 Fredag & Lørdag fra 17:00

Køkkenet lukker alle dage 21:00

Opening Hours:
Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 16:30 

Friday & Saturday from 17:00

Kitchen closes all days at 21:00

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